How do I create tasks?

Tasks can help keep you organized. You can create a task from the customer's page or from the tasks page.


1) Create tasks from the Tasks Page

 To get started click "Create Task".  

From the Task edit window you can add all the task details including; the customer, task type, due date, notes and even assign the task to yourself or someone else on your team.




2) Create a Task from the customer's page 

As you are following up you can create (and view) tasks while you are on the customers page. Click add task and the edit task window will pop up. 



After a task is created it will appear in a list on your tasks page. You can filter and sort your task lists by due date, task type and assigned owner. 



To complete the task, simply click on the task itself, or click 'Start Tasks' in the top right corner and the customer's page will open up. From there, you can send reminders and make calls. 



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