What is the difference between an update sync and a full sync?

Automatic Syncs to your Xero or QuickBooks Online are managed by Funding Gates. Automatic syncs to your QuickBooks Desktop are managed by you through the QB Web Connector. 

Funding Gates has two types of syncs for connecting to Xero and QuickBooks Online, Update syncs, and Full Syncs. An update sync only looks at data in your ERP (Xero or Quickbooks) since the last sync, and pulls in any new information. Funding Gates runs an update sync on every account each night.

A full sync looks at all of the data in your ERP (Xero or Quickbooks) and pulls in new information. A full sync will reconcile any discrepancies regarding deleted invoices between your ERP and Funding Gates. If you would like a full sync run, please contact us at support@fundinggates.com.



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