How does syncing work?

Funding Gates syncs with your accounting package to retrieve information about your customers, invoices and payments. The FG Receivables Manager is 'read only'; it does not make any edits to your accounting package. We will never enter your accounting package. You maintain complete control over your financial data, and thereby your Funding Gates data. They actual syncing process depends on which accounting package you are using: 

QuickBooks Desktop: 

The FG Receivables Manager uses the QuickBooks Web Connector to sync with your Desktop accounting package. Once installed, the QuickBooks Web Connector will run periodic syncs to transmit your information directly to the FG Receivables Manager. You can set and change the frequency of the syncs from within the QuickBooks Web Connector. 

To update the sync and refresh the data in your FG Receivables Manager, open the QuickBooks Web Connector, tick the box next to the Funding Gates connection and click the "Update Selected" button at the top of the window. 

QuickBooks Online & Xero:

if you have QuickBooks Online or Xero your data is already in the cloud. Once you connect your cloud-based accounting package to your FG Receivables Manager, your information is synced with the FG Receivables Manager automatically every morning via an API. 

To update the sync and refresh the data in your FG Receivables Manager, simply open the FG Receivables Manager and click the sync icon in the top navigation bar on your home screen. 

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