Edit Payment Reminder Letter Templates

You can customize your reminder templates however you’d like.


Edit a single reminder before it’s sent:

If you want to change a reminder for the one time you send it out, first select which template you are planning to send from the reminder side panel. The reminder will open in preview mode. There is an edit button in the top right corner of the letter. Once in edit mode, click anywhere in the reminder to make edits. Click “Done” to save before clicking “Send Email” at the top of the screen. This only edits that instance of the reminder.


Edit templates for future use:

If you want to change the template 'permanently', you need to create a new template. Click "Create new template" at the bottom of the reminder sidebar. An editing modal will pop up. Here you can select any of the preformed template as a starting point, Friendly, Firm, etc. Once you have the template base, you can use the dynamic data fields from the right side or just type your own messaging into the template. Make sure to click ‘Save’ to keep your template.



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