Deleted Invoices Are Still Appearing

Currently, Intuit’s API (the code by which we get information from QuickBooks), does not allow us to read when data has been deleted, only when it’s been changed. This means, if you delete an invoice in QuickBooks, it will still appear in Funding Gates. At this time, the only way to delete an invoice in the FG Receivables Manager is through the back end. If you need an invoice deleted, please let us know by emailing the invoice number to

An alternative to deleting invoices is voiding them. Intuit’s API does read voided invoices, so if you void an invoice in QuickBooks, it will no longer appear in Funding Gates. The only difference between voiding and deleting on the QuickBooks end, is that you can still find and look at the invoice if it has been voided (although it is no longer valid), whereas all record of the invoice is gone entirely if it has been deleted.

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