How does AR Advising work?

How It Works

  • Fill out our diagnostic questionnaire

    It takes less than 5 minutes. To better understand how well you currently manage your receivables, we prepared a quick and easy questionnaire for you to fill out online. This will help us custom-tailor the best solution that directly meets your needs.

  • Schedule a time to talk to one of our experts

    Pick your time online & one of our receivables experts will directly reach out to you.

    We will go over your current processes and ask you about your concerns, challenges and receivables targets. We will want to make sure we know exactly what your challenges are so we can tailor the best advice to help you overcome them. By the end of the call, we will give you a preliminary diagnostic analysis, as well as the initial steps you can take right away to start improving the way you manage your receivables and cash flow.

  • Get your customized Receivables Action Plan

    After speaking to our expert, we will put together a very clear & customized action plan that includes:

    • Your profile & goals
    • Our analysis of your receivables process
    • A highly customized receivables to-do list based on your business & customers, designed to help you master your own receivables process
    • A credit eligibility criteria card you can use with your customers
    • Educational resources consisting of a rich list of websites, articles & books to help you continuously get better
  • Receive unlimited support

    As a Funding Gates member, you will continue to receive unlimited & customized email support from our experts so you can review your progress regarding your receivables targets and ask any follow up questions that you may have.


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