How are rates calculated?

The collection agency fee you see is a “contingency” fee, which means you only pay if AIP Solutions is successful in recovering the delinquent amounts that you placed into collections.

If AIP Solutions is successful at collecting all or part of the delinquent amounts, the collection agency fee listed on this page will be deducted from the amount collected. AIP Solutions’ fees are based on results, not on time spent on the account.

Factors that influence the collection agency fee are the age of the debt, the amount owed, the date of last payment, and the answers that you’ve provided in the questionnaire on this page.

  • Older debt - more than a year - is more difficult for AIP Solutions to collect, so they often charge higher collection agency rates for older accounts
  • If it is hard to locate the debtor, AIP Solutions will have to do more work upfront and account for the increased communication costs in its collections fee

AIP Solutions provides discounted rates to Funding Gates subscribers. This ensures that you not only receive the best service but also the most competitive rate in the industry.

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