Why Funding Gates?

At Funding Gates, we believe that small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They are our job creators. As of late, there has been much discussion about how we can help small businesses. Everyone wants to know how to get these businesses funding to grow. However, the facts are that one of the largest problems small businesses are facing is collecting the money they are already owed (in fact, it's a problem for over 50% of these businesses). If small businesses could collect the money they deserve instead of writing it off, imagine what that could mean for them.

The solution is not throwing money at the problem, the solution instead is within. If small businesses can streamline their accounts receivables management process, if they can finally have a solution that allows them to stay on top of their accounts and take the proper, effective actions needed to get paid, they will be able to increase their cash flow holistically.

Funding Gates is giving small businesses the access to the cash they need without them having to turn to any outside sources. 

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