Who handles collections?

Our collections partner is C2C Resources

Since 2002, C2C Resources has provided professional, commercial debt collections services to more than 30,000 businesses throughout the United States. It's C2C's unique approach to commercial collections that sets them apart from other agencies.

C2C truly is different, and to show you, we've highlighted the Top 5 Features That Sets C2C Apartalong with some of C2C's competitive advantages:

Top 5 Features

* Weekly remittance; receive your money faster than ever with various remittance methods to choose from
* InfoMax Collection System; proprietary CRM & collection database that collects more money by finding out the truth about your customer's financial
* Legal Forwarding Edge; partnered with a network of commercial litigation attorneys who specialize in a variety of industries to avoid high legal fees
  in the collection/litigation process
* Communication; customize your own reports, receive accounting notices and 24/7 online access
* Licensed; pursues collections effectively and legally by being licensed to collect in every State

Additional Competitive Advantages

  • Contingency based collections; only pay if there's recovery
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Longstanding member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors
  • Superior professionalism and customer service
  • Credit Reporting through Experian
  • Endorsed by many Trade Associations and Buying Groups

Once you click “send to collections” and fill out the requested information, C2C Resources will take over the request after providing an estimation of the cost so your Business can determine whether to move forward with the collection process, write it off or continue working on recovery via the platform.

Note: C2C Resources only charges on the percentage of the collected amount therefore you are not responsible for any additional payments for their service.  If they are not able to collect, they will not receive payment

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