How do I customize the reminder emails?

The FG Receivables Manager gives you the flexibility to customize the reminder emails however you'd like. But you don't have to recreate the wheel, Funding Gates gives you five email templates to work from, Friendly, Firm, Harsh, Final, General Invoice Reminder.

To create your custom templates, click on 'Send Reminder' to open the reminder window. At the bottom,  you will see the option to Create a New Template.

In the Create a New Template page, you will be able to choose different dynamic fields to add in the email (located on the right-hand side). Simply drag and drop these into your template. You can change the subject line, signatures and add any necessary outside links. 

When you're done editing, fill in the template name and click 'Save' located at the top of the template. The email will be saved under 'Your templates' for future use. This template will be available to all users in your Funding Gates account.  


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