How do my customers set up ACH Payments?

The Funding Gates Payments Feature, gives your customers the option to pay their invoice when they receive an email from the FG Receivables Manager. All they have to do is click "Pay" from the invoice reminder: 


If they are new to using the payment feature, they will have to set up their bank account. They simply click, Pay and will be directed to the following page:


After signing up, they will then be prompted to set up their bank account:


ACH payments through Funding Gates are handled through Stripe (to learn more about Stripe, click here). Stripe will validate your customer’s bank account by making two micro deposits of a few cents into your customer's bank account. It can take 24-48 hours for these deposits to appear. Once the micro deposits have been made, your customer will receive an email from Funding Gates prompting them to login and verify the bank account by inputing the amount of the micro deposit. 

Once this process is successfully completed, your customer will be able to complete ACH Payments. Bank accounts only need to be verified once. 


Note: There is a 0.75% on each invoice payment. The minimum paid will be $0.75 but the maximum is $10. For instance if an invoice costs $5000, your business will only be charged $10. There are no additional merchant fees.


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