How do I send a customer to collections?

If you have a customer who has been unresponsive and/or has failed to make a payment on their outstanding invoice(s), the FG Receivables Manager has a partnership with C2C Resources to handle your business' collection needs.

To send a customer to collections, simply go to the customer page in your FG Receivables Manager:

Click "Send to Collections," then Next    

You will then be taken to a page to fill out a quick survey about your customer and their business:


At the end of the survey you will have the option to authorize AIP solutions to discount the invoice should they get into a negotiation with your customer.

When finished, click Review Request where you will be able to review your report prior to submitting:

Note: If C2C Resources is successful in collecting, they will take a 33-35% commission. Your specific rate will be quoted on the Review page.

C2C will contact your business following receipt of this survey.

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