Connecting QuickBooks Desktop to Funding Gates

In order to connect your QuickBooks Desktop to Funding Gates, you’ll need the QuickBooks Web Connector and the Funding Gates configuration file. The Web Connector is likely installed in your QuickBooks Desktop application (File>Update Web Services). The Funding Gates configuration file can be downloaded when you setup your account. After the Web Connector and file are set up, you can set up sync to run automatically.  The download and setup process should take about 10 minutes. The very first sync may take over an hour depending on how large your company file is. 


Important Notes:

  • You must be logged into QuickBooks and have your company file open when you download the Web Connector.
  • The Web Connector and the configuration file need to be downloaded onto the computer or server that stores your company file.   
  • The QuickBooks Web Connector is only available for Windows.
  • Funding Gates supports all QuickBooks Desktop versions, including QuickBooks Enterprise.


Download and Set up:

     1) If you don't already have the Web Connector, you’ll be prompted to download the Web Connector and QBW Configuration file during the account setup.

  • If you already have a Funding Gates account and are transitioning to the Web Connector-based syncs, you can find the a link to the Web Connector under Settings > Services. Then, simply follow these setup steps.



     2) Once you select your QuickBooks Desktop version, you’ll see the links to download the Web Connector and the configuration file.  

    3) Download QuickBooks Web Connector and follow the instructions in the wizard to install the web connector. 

  • You may already have a Web Connector in your QuickBooks desktop. You can access it by opening QuickBooks, clicking File > Update Web Services. The Web Connector should pop up in a new window. If you have it, you do not need to download it again; you can skip to the configuration file.
  • If you don't have the Web Connector, you must download it before downloading the configuration file. 




    4) Once the Web Connector has been installed. Go back to the Funding Gates Setup Page and click to download the configuration file.  

  • There is a Web Connector password on this page, you will be asked for this password during the Web Connector setup (step 8). This is NOT your Funding Gates password. You won’t ever need this password to login to Funding Gates.  

    5) Open the Web Connector and click "Add an application". 

  • A Window will pop up and prompt you to open the configuration file that you just downloaded. Find it, select it, and click "Open". 


    6)  An authorization window will popup. Click ‘OK’ to give Funding Gates access to QuickBooks.



     7) Allow Funding Gates to run even if QuickBooks is not running. This will allow the syncs to run continuously when the Web Connector is open.



   8) Next you will see the Funding Gates Application in the Web Connector.

  • Tick the small box on the left to select the Funding Gates application.
  • Make sure that the Auto-Run box is selected and adjust the syncing frequency. We recommend a syncing frequency of 60 minutes.
  • Add the Web Connector password given to you on the Funding Gates Setup Page. Save this password! You will be prompted to save it, click 'yes'. If you do not save the password, the system will not be able to update automatically.
  • Then click ‘Update Selected’ at the top right section of the window.





    9) The initial setup and sync are complete when you see a ‘Sync Completed!’ message in the Web Connector. Your information has been sent to your Funding Gates account.

To close the Web Connector, click ‘Hide’ not ‘Exit’. You don't want to close the Web Connector entirely or your auto-run syncs won't execute. 

That's it! Your Funding Gates account is now up to date. You can login and start following up with your customers right away. 


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