Customer Scorecard Explained

While other Funding Gates Reports dashboards help you understand your company's overall AR trends and performance, the Customer Scorecard gives you details on each customer's invoice and payment history. With this scorecard, you can see who your best customers are, and who has a history of paying late.

This table has scores for all of your customers, even if all of their invoices are paid. There may be many customers in this table so take advantage of the columns to sort your customers. Simply click on the column header and the table will sort the data in ascending or descending order. 


Average Days To Pay:

Average Days to Pay is the average number of days that invoices for this customer have remained unpaid. This average includes any days that the invoices were current as well as days the invoices were delinquent. If you generally extend payment terms of net 30, a customer that pays on time may have an average of 30 or less. 

Average Days Overdue:

Average Days Overdue is the average number of days that invoices for this customer are delinquent. If a customer consistently pays on time or has no open past due invoices, this number will be 0. This average includes all past due invoices that are currently unpaid and invoices that were paid after the invoice due date. 

Total Invoices:

This tells you how many invoices your company has ever issued to the customer. This will help give context to the averages calculated in other columns. 

Total Amount Invoiced:

This is the sum of all the invoices that have been issued to that customer. 

Oldest Sale Date:

This is the date of the first invoice your company issued to this customer. 

Has Open Invoices:

If the customer has an open invoice, this column will show 'Yes' and you can then find more details about this customer in your Funding Gates dashboard or in the Customers tab. Open invoices are accounted for in the Average Days to Pay and Average Days Overdue calculations, which are updated daily. 


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