Setting up the Web Connector for Non-Admin Users (QuickBook Desktop)

The QuickBooks Admin must set up the Web Connector. However, as admin you can configure the Web Connector so that a non-admin QuickBooks user can run the syncs to Funding Gates. Keep in mind that only the Funding Gates application can only be set up in one Web Connector. If you have Funding Gates configured in a different instance of QuickBooks you must remove it before adding it to the user's QB environment. Once that's done, follow these steps to set up Funding Gates in a user's QuickBooks: 


1) Login to the the user's QuickBooks environment. This may be at their workstation, or if you host QuickBooks on a server, in the user's server terminal login. Open QuickBooks and login as the admin user (not as the user). 

2) Open the user's Web Connector (File>Update Web Services). 

3) Click "Add Application" 

4) A window will pop up and prompt you to add the Funding Gates Configuration file (this file can be downloaded from Funding Gates, Company Info > Services). 

5) Select the Funding Gates Configuration file that you downloaded and click "Open"

6)  An authorization window will popup. Click ‘OK’ to give Funding Gates access to QuickBooks Desktop. 

7) Allow Funding Gates to run even if QuickBooks is not running. This will allow the syncs to run continuously when the Web Connector is open. As soon as you tick "Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not Running" a dropdown menu will appear below the option. Select the user who will be running the syncs. 

8) Next you will see the Funding Gates Application in the Web Connector:


  • Tick the small box on the left to select the Funding Gates application.
  • Make sure that the Auto-Run box is selected and adjust the syncing frequency. We recommend syncing once or twice a day, depending on how often you log in to Funding Gates.
  • Add the password given to you on the Funding Gates Setup Page. Save this password! You will be prompted to save it, click 'yes'. If you do not save the password, the system will not be able to update automatically.
  • Then click ‘Update Selected’ at the top right section of the window.

 9)  The initial setup and sync are complete when you see a ‘Sync Completed!’ message in the Web Connector. 

10) Log out of QuickBooks as the admin and login again as the user. Click File> Update Web Services to open the Web Connector. The user will now see the Funding Gates application in the Web Connector. They can set the auto run and execute a sync whenever QuickBooks and the company file are open. 


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